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Environmental Management

Environmental Policy of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Company

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation recognizes that "the Earth is an irreplaceable asset" and it is a fundamental duty of each of us to preserve it for future generations. Because of this, we will strive to create affluence and ensure coexistence with the earth in accordance with the Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision. We take advantage of comprehensive and technological capacity which consistently enable to provide energy usage, transmissions of energy, save the energy and smart use of energy and lead to achieve a sustainable society aiming at decarbonized society, recycle oriented society and coexisting with nature society.

  1. We consider environmental stewardship to be one of management's primary responsibilities and address environmental activities harmonizing with our economic activities. And we contribute to solve a global challenging relating to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  2. We contribute to mitigation of environmental impact by our products and service throughout their lifecycle from development and design phase through maintenance & service.

  3. We strive for the improvement of environmental performance through continuous improvement of Environmental Management System. Also we assess environmental impacts in our business activities including biodiversity conservation in order to prevent pollution and environmental impact.

  4. We comply with all of applicable latest environmental laws, regulations, and other environmental standards along with our own voluntary standards. Also we address for preventions of environmental accidents by strengthening risk management.

  5. We require all employees to make a practical contribution to the environment all together through raising environmental awareness of all employees working for and at our company and their families. Also we will disclose environmental information and enhance environmental communications in cooperation with our society.

April 2, 2018


Environmental Management Structure

The Energy Systems & Solutions Company appoints an environmental promotion manager under President & CEO and builds the global environmental management structure.

Environmental Management Structure

Environmental Management Promotion Activities

Based on the policy, the Energy Systems & Solutions Company establishes the following environmental management promotion activities to develop the environmental activities.

Environmental Management Promotion Activities

Environmental Target

The environmental target is a specific goal of environmental management activities and its measures.
With regard to the environmental target of the Energy Systems & Solutions Company, we have determined the goals in consideration of the Toshiba Voluntary Environmental Plan for improving eco-efficiency comprehensively in terms of both "product" and "business processes" in accordance with the Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision 2050.

Environmental Target

The progress of the Environmental Target

1. Creation of environmentally conscious products
In Fiscal Year 2016, all targets (Improvement of product eco-effisiency, Setting of eco-targets, Creation of Excellent ECP) were achieved.

The progress of the Environmental Target

2. Business process
In Fiscal Year 2016, all targets (Reduction in energy-derived CO2 emissions, Reduction in the total emissions of chemicals discharged, Reduction in the total volume of waste generated) were achieved.

The progress of the Environmental Target

Certification of ISO14001

The Energy Systems & Solutions Company constructed integrated the environmental management system from headquarters to product operations, and obtained ISO14001 certification in February 2007.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Toshiba Group is promoting green procurement worldwide with the cooperation of its business partners. When procuring parts and raw materials, in addition to coming to a shared understanding of biodiversity initiatives with our business partners, we conduct a survey to check how many chemicals with potentially high environmental impacts or scarce resources are contained in these parts and materials and give priority to those with low environmental impact.

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