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An environmentally-friendly and highly efficient power generator with no CO2 emissions

  • Only water is discharged. Only water is discharged.
    Only water is discharged.

A clean power generator that produces water as its only emission. Toshiba's H2Rex™ pure hydrogen fuel cell system can convert hydrogen into electricity and heat with great efficiency--anytime, anywhere. By using the technologies developed for Ene-Farm, we have created a reliable lineup of three different sizes. With its pure hydrogen fuel cell technology, Toshiba is powering the move toward a CO2-free hydrogen society.

Pure hydrogen fuel cell

Clean, highly efficient, and stable power generation

A fuel cell is a power generation system that works by converting hydrogen and oxygen in the air directly into electricity by the reverse chemical reaction of water electrolysis. By using a direct chemical reaction--thus eliminating the need to convert heat energy to kinetic energy--fuel cells achieve high power-generating efficiency. Moreover, fuel cells can use energy more efficiently by utilizing the heat that is produced when generating electricity.

Difference in pure hydrogen fuel cell and conventional power generation efficiency

Realizing user-friendly and flexible operation

To increase the utilization rate of hydrogen, Toshiba's H2Rex™ pure hydrogen fuel cells are stacked in a cascading structure. This cascade structure rapidly increases the utilization rate of hydrogen by enabling sub stacks to use hydrogen that was not used by the main stack. Furthermore, PEFCs (Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells) can generate power at a temperature of about 80°C, which is much lower than the operating temperature of other types of fuel cell, eliminating the need for a heating process. This feature of PEFCs enables them to start and stop in just a few minutes, enabling more flexible operation, thereby facilitating DSS (Daily Start Stop) operation.

Fuel cell stack
Example: Hydrogen utilization rate of the 100 kW H2Rex™ Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell system

Hydrogen utilization rate of 100 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell system

Features of Toshiba's H2Rex™ pure hydrogen fuel cells

  • Extensibility



    Our lineup of 700 W (as used in the Ene-Farm system), 3.5 kW, and 100 kW PEFCs can meet a broad range of requirements.

  • Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency

    By using the direct chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, Toshiba has realized a highly efficient power generation system. Our unique technologies increase the utilization of hydrogen to achieve power generating efficiency of better than 50%--the highest rate in the world.

  • Applicability



    PEFCs achieve high generating efficiency at low loads and have a range of applications.

  • Short warm-up time

    Short warm-up time

    Short warm-up time

    With a fuel cell operating temperature as low as 80°C, H2Rex™ can be booted up in just a few minutes, making it ideal for DSS (Daily Start Stop) operation.

  • Long-life fuel cells

    Long-life fuel cells

    Long-life fuel cells

    Its designed durability is as long as 80 thousand hours (10 years), thanks to its reliable cells, more than 70 thousand of which have been shipped already.
    ※As of October 2015

  • Control function

    Control function

    Control function

    H2Rex™ can be controlled by EMS (Energy Management System), and with 3G connectivity it is compatible with e-mail communication and remote sensing.

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