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Toshiba's hydrogen business

  • Ultimate source of clean energy that does not emit carbon dioxide (CO<sub>2</sub>)
  • 1967 History of Toshiba's hydrogen energy systems
  • 1978 Toshiba is first in Japan to generate electricity with fuel cells at a 50-kW phosphoric acid fuel cell demonstration power generation plant
  • 1991 Delivery of demonstration equipment to the then world's highest-capacity 11-MW fuel cell power generation plant using phosphoric acid fuel cells (located in the Goi Thermal Power Station of TEPCO)
  • 2005 Participation in the demonstration project for the world's largest green energy recycling system using 200-kW fuel cells (Aichi Expo)
  • 2013 H2Rex™ series of pure hydrogen fuel cell systems suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications
  • 2014 Launch of H2One™, an autonomous hydrogen energy supply system that provides a comprehensive solution for the production, storage, and use of hydrogen

The reduction of CO2 emissions is needed to curb global warming. Hydrogen energy has been attracting a lot of attention since hydrogen power generation does not emit CO2. As a leading energy company, Toshiba has been continually improving its power generation technologies since its founding. Toshiba provides clean energy, leveraging its expertise on the efficient use of hydrogen.

Japan's energy issues

With an energy self-sufficiency rate being quite low cmd, Japan is dependent on imports for most of its energy supply. In addition, Japan is under pressure to reduce CO2 emissions due to the large amount of CO2 it emits.

Therefore, Japan needs greater energy independence and an energy source that does not produce CO2.

Energy self-sufficiency rate / CO2 emissions

Expectations for renewable energy

Expectations are increasing for renewable energy as a means of solving these issues. However, many renewable energy sources are intermittent and greatly dependent on weather conditions.

Therefore, we need a system able to achieve a stable supply of intermittent renewable energy to consumers.

Promotion of the Strategic Energy Plan

Roles of hydrogen

Hydrogen provides a solution for the intermittency issues inherent with renewable energy.

Hydrogen is expected to serve the following two roles:
 ● Storage of surplus renewable energy to achieve stable energy supply throughout the year
 ● Conversion of surplus renewable energy into other forms of energy via hydrogen for multiple purposes

Toshiba provides hydrogen energy systems with hydrogen storage and energy conversion capabilities.

Energy storage capacity,Relative cost,Li-ion batteries

Renewable energy production

Click the above figure to go to the web page describing the P2G hydrogen supply chains. (Clicking the figure opens a new window.)

Characteristics of Toshiba's hydrogen energy solution

Toshiba's hydrogen energy solution provides a zero CO2 emission cycle by producing hydrogen using surplus renewable energy.

Its green hydrogen process is CO2-free throughout the entire cycle of the production, storage, and use of hydrogen and therefore contributes to curbing global warming.

Zero Emissions

History of Toshiba's hydrogen energy systems

Toshiba commenced the development of fuel cell systems in the 1960s. Since then, Toshiba has continually developed hydrogen-related technologies.

History of Toshiba's hydrogen energy systems

Toshiba's hydrogen energy facility tour

Toshiba offers tours of the following facilities to introduce its hydrogen energy business.

Hydrogen Application Center

Hydrogen Application Center

Hydrogen Research Center

Hydrogen Research Center

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