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Toshiba releases "H2One™ Truck Model", Hydrogen-Based Autonomous Energy Supply System loaded on Truck

-- Improved mobility suitable for ensuring flexible energy supply in case of disaster --


Hydrogen Energy

April 25 2016

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Company

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has added a new addition to its line-up of hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply systems with the release of H2One™ Truck Model. A scaled down version of the H2One™ BCP Model installed in a disaster evacuation site in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo, the new system offers improved mobility and can be transported to disaster sites to provide a flexible energy supply.

Toshiba’s H2One™ autonomous energy supply system is a completely integrated stand-alone system comprising a renewable energy source, an SCiB™ storage battery, a water electrolysis system that generates hydrogen, a hydrogen storage tank, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells that deliver a CO2-free, environmentally friendly, stable electricity and hot water supply, as and when needed. The overall system is controlled by Toshiba’s groundbreaking hydrogen energy management system, H2EMS™.

H2One™ Truck Model is housed in two 4-ton trucks. During disasters, the H2One™ Truck Model can be used as a silent electricity generator, as hydrogen fuel cells generate power with almost none of the noise or vibration—or CO2 emissions—of diesel generators at evacuation center.

The H2One™ Truck Model’s hydrogen storage tank is made with a new hydrogen storage alloy that achieves much improved high-density storage. This advance contributes to system mobility and improved flexibility, while maintaining the capabilities of the H2One™ BCP model.

Toshiba Corporation continues to develop technologies for promoting hydrogen as a fuel, towards realizing an environmentally friendly future of carbon-neutral clean energy.

Overview of H2One™

Overview of H2One™
Overview of H2One™

Key system specifications

Hydrogen tank storage capacity
Electricity output
Power storage capacity

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