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GR-200 Series Engineering and Monitoring Software GR-TIEMS

Product Overview

GR-TIEMS supports functions that allow the user to upload/download settings and to view and analyze fault and disturbance records captured and stored in GR-200 series IEDs. Waveform data contained within the disturbance records can be displayed, edited, measured and analyzed in detail. An optional advanced version of the GR-TIEMS provides additional and powerful analysis tools and setting calculation support functions.

PC Display of GR-TIEMS

LCD Configuration

The user can configure and customize the MIMIC data displayed on the LCD of GR-200 series IEDs using the GR-TIEMS.

PC Display of LCD Configuration

Programmable Logic Editor

The programmable logic controller is compliant with IEC 61131-3. The PLC Editor enables the user to configure flexible logic allowing customized application and operation. Logic can be prepared using a graphical PC tool to allow special applications such as automatic disconnection of a feeder from a busbar, automatic busbar changeover and automatic Close/Open of a bus coupler/section. In addition mathematical calculation logic using analog values can be included. The status of configured logic can be monitored using the tool software and the logic calculation cycle can be executed in 1ms steps.

Programmable Logic Editor

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